Friday, July 13, 2007

Need encouragement?

Go go on over to Kay's blog - 'Howtoencourage' for some inspiring words. As she says:
You never know when a moment and a few encouraging words can impact a life.
The template is quite simple and the colour scheme is pleasing. However, I would have preferred it if she had increased the contrast of the text against the background. Would make it easier to read. The links on the side bar are a bit distracting and I suggest that she reduce the font size.

One way to brighten up the blog would be to upload some pictures along with the interesting posts. I didn't go through the whole blog but I did read all the posts under the label "Encouragement for Kids". Really interesting and I would definitely try to put her advise into practice.

1 comment:

ainee said...

i agree with your points. she needs to be encouraged to improve her blog layout. well, encouraging to encourage people.


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