Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Guest in house

My daughter is now having her summer break. She won't be going back to her playgroup when the holidays are over and instead will be moving to the nursery at the same school. However, not being at school means that she has a lot of extra energy. The first day she was jumping around everywhere and I had quite a hard time controlling her. She's not that bad as compared to some other kids I have seen though.

Fortunately she has something or should I say someone to occupy her. My wife's Italian colleague Roby flew in from Kenya last week and will be staying with us till the 1st of August. Now Rahil follows her everywhere. I try my best to stop her from going into the guest room and disturbing Roby but she will slip off when I am not watching.



Zul said...

How's the summer weather now Adam? I somehow didn't like it so much, at times it was soo hot I swear I could feel my skin peeling.... especially when walking through the park....

Adam Mutum said...

It's been raining all the time with intermittent sunshine all the while. Autumn is almost here but it seems like we never really enjoyed summer.


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