Thursday, July 19, 2007

European rail info site

When I was a kid in London, I had a very close friend called Marco. They were from Portugal and his mum used to work with my dad. We lost touch after we all left the UK for our respective home countries. I have always wanted to go to Portugal and find out what ever happened to him.

I suddenly remembered him as I was going through the website and came across the Portugal Rail Pass Tickets. This site is ideal for searching for Europe rail passes, tickets and schedules.

I hate to be blunt but the site looks quite boring. The site needs more brightening up and more images might do the job. For example, night life pictures of Lisbon in the above mentioned Portugal page instead of that ugly looking train image.

I also suggest that they get rid of their amateurish looking logo and get one properly designed. Having said that, the site does have loads of useful info and visitors would probably come back for that.

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