Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Coca-Cola with Orange

Just noticed an ad for the new limited edition Coca-Cola with orange. According to the ad, it is available in 3 sizes, namely, 6 pack of 330ml cans, 500ml and 2 litre bottles. Later learnt that this particular limited edition is for release in the UK only. The drink contains 1% orange fruit from concentrate.

I couldn't find it in the Tesco Metro outlet near my house.

Wonder how it tastes like.


Preyanka said...

Ick. reminds me of the coffee coke stuff. I really like the new coke zero though; it's like diet coke (no calories) but sans the chemical aftertaste.

Adam Mutum said...

Yeah! though I don't drink that many fizzy drinks anymore. If I do, I usually go for Coke Zero. Definitely better than Diet Coke.

Pinksy said...

Sounds disgusting!

Chris Merriman said...

I suppose it all depends on whether the orange overpowers the coke or not - to be honest, if coke it still the dominant flavour, I can't imagine going for it.
I'll keep an eye out for it this Xmas when I next return to the UK... cheers for the heads up on it.


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