Friday, July 20, 2007

Bowling shirts made in the USA

Most cloth manufacturers in the developed countries have now moved production to China, India and other countries where the cost of production is cheaper. It's simple economics. This is true of many American brands. However, there are a few survivors who still produce their clothes in America and proudly carry the 'Made in the US' label.

There are still many American customers who will buy these American-made products even though they are slightly costlier than those available in the local hypermarkets, for patriotic reasons. I guess the brand names have something to do with it too. People trusts the quality of the brands. A good example are the American-made retro bowling shirts and rockabilly shirts. they have loads of designs but the most popular shirts on the site happen to be the retro bowling shirts.


OMG said...

ɯɐlɐɯ ɹɐsɐd uı ʎnq sʎɐʍlɐ ɐıʞƃuɐuǝd ǝʍ

Adam Mutum said...

That's interesting. How you you get the words to go upside down?


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