Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Asian Wild Rose reviewed

A few of the guys on my review list have asked me to hurry up with their reviews. No! Not really. A few asked politely whether their blogs have been reviewed. I must confess that I have neglected it for a while but I hope to go through the whole list before the end of this month. Unless of course some new bloggers request a review as well.

Next on my list is Tracy, a blogger from Calgary, Alberta who has a blog called "Asian Wild Rose".

It has a generic looking Word Press template with a simple but nice unique banner. I am not quite sure whether the lady pictured is her. The 'about us' page mentions "we" so there might be more than one blogger.

Lot of funny posts about everything Asian (read Chinese) in Canada and Abroad. Really enjoyed going through the blog though I would have loved more pictures. It has a great number of links on the side bar but nothing wrong with that. The blogger says
Asian men are sexy and strong and I’m glad they like ME and only ME! :)


Tracy said...

Thanks for the review!
More pictures! Got it :)

Adam Mutum said...

You are welcome.


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