Thursday, June 28, 2007

Solving the flea problem

My daughter wants to keep a cat. I had to refuse as I know from experience that keeping a pet is not that easy nor cheap. Moreover we plan to go back to Malaysia after 4 years and I won't want to have a situation where we might have to leave it here in the UK.

Anyway, one of the problems associated with cats as well as with dogs are the flea problems. If your dog or cat has fleas you better do something quickly as they can affect us too. It is dangerous if you have kids as flea bite can be really itchy and there might be secondary infections too.

I found out that besides flea shampoo there are many other ways to get rid of fleas. If you want to know more, visit the "Flea Control Guide", which has information and links to everything you need to know about flea problem and the solutions.


N|i|N said...

Hi Adam! You've been tagged. If you choose to do it, pls visit my blog and go to the posting titled "As Tagged by Shirin - for charity" and take it from there :-)


Btw, I like pets but I don't usually own those that can walk around. I only prefer those you can contain like fish, hamsters etc. When I was a kid, whenever I found a caterpillar, I would take it and put it in a bottle and feed it with leaves everyday. Then, I watched as it turn into a butterfly, then set it free. How about that for your daughter?

Adam said...

Thanks for the tag.

Caterpillars - not sue that's a good idea as she is scared of creepy crawlies (and so does her mum). On the other hand, it may be a good idea to get rid of her phobia.

chics said...

I have like 6 cats and used to have up to 20 cats.

If u decided to have one, make sure u neutered it and get it vaccinate. Put the flea collar or flea drop and they will be gone within few weeks. I use frontline brand, quite good.

Don't let it mix with other stary cats or the feal problem will come back.

I never think having walking pets are troublesome. They only bring happiness to me.

It is not cheap, yes but to teach your daughter to love and appreciate something, a cat might help.

Adam said...

Thanks for the tips Chics. Another problem besides fleas is the cost of having a pet plus the fact that we won't be here for long.


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