Thursday, June 21, 2007

Received my VistaPrint name cards

Quite sometime back I had visited the VistaPrint site after learning about their unbelievable offer - 250 name cards for free. Was a bit skeptical but as it turned out, it was indeed free but you have to pay for the shipping. I was OK with that and was about to check out when I discovered that I couldn't pay using PayPal. They only accept credit cards. I didn't want to use my credit cards and left the site.

A few days later, I received an offer by e-mail from them - "Premium Business Cards - 250 usually $19.99
NOW FREE". So, I went ahead as it was real cheap. Was tired with giving excuses to people whenever they handed me their card, saying "Sorry! I don't have a card."

I had opted for the normal (slow) shipping and it finally arrived today. The total cost was only US$6.47 after tax.

Quite happy with the quality of the printing and the paper. Just wondering how the ordinary name card quality would be like as mine was supposed to be premium quality. It looks and feels just like any other normal card. But I am not complaining at that price.

So how do they make money?

As you go through the card making process, they tempt you with a number of add-ons - like ability to put up your logo, printing on the back, card holder and so on, which slowly adds up to the total. I went for the "no frills" option (FREE) and it still looks great.

Definitely recommend this site. UK customers go to their UK site here.

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Meredith said...

I found the Vistaprint site to be irritating ... the bother you with so many different options and try to sell you products you don't necessarily want.
I use for my business cards. They also have Free business cards (with better designs!) And while they do offer options for your business card, they don't plague you with bothersome upselling throughout the order process.

Adam Mutum said...

However you have to consider the price too. It's FREE for 250 cards. i only had to pay for the shipping (only $6.47). I don't think any company cab beat that.


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