Thursday, June 14, 2007

Our house smells like a cafe

I mean that in a nice way.

A few days back, my wife's friend Roby gave her a present - a coffee making set along with some coffee. So now, no more Nescafe from now on. In fact, no more instant coffee of any kind.

As my wife says, "this is real coffee". It was really interesting to watch her make the coffee - the Italian way. I say real, because the Italians invented expresso.

Where previously, we just had to add coffee power to hot water and add milk and sugar, now it is an elaborate ritual of packing the coffee power in, adding the water and then heating it up in that espresso machine.

The boiling water is pushed up through finely ground coffee by pressure, thus extracting its full flavour. She then creates some frothy milk in what else, the Frother.

The frothy milk is first poured into the cup followed by the concentrated coffee.

There you have it - delicious espresso cappuccino.

Of course, we are amateurs. I know some coffee fanatics even buy a thermometer and grind their own beans. We are not there as yet.



lillian said...

I love those expresso makers.. I can't drink instant coffee anymore :-)

melvin,foong said...

the cup of coffee you have there, is either a latte or a wet cappuccino (with milk)

Espresso, is just water and extracts from the coffee bean

minci said...

i love coffee.. I think I will buy this maker one day, once I can afford it.. haha

Adam said...

Lilian: I know what you mean.
Melvin: Thanks for the correction. It's cappuccino.
Minci: I don't think it's that expecsive. The one here is from Ikea Italy. Of course there are more expensive brands out there.


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