Sunday, June 03, 2007

Money making advice

Lucia, a fellow PPP postie, recently started a blog called 'Big Bucks Blogger'. As the name suggests, this blog contains advice on making money from blogging.

I know! There has been a flood of blogs on the web, offering tips on how to make money from blogging. However, unlike other blogs which are composed of just copy and paste posts, this blog has really original and insightful posts. One that caught my interest was on how Sponsored Reviews were threatened by PPP Direct. Read my post 'PayPerPost launches PPP Direct' on my Freebies blog.

For those who are unaware, both services help bloggers link up with advertisers - bloggers get paid to review sites. The only differences are in the way advertisers select the blogs and the cut they take from the whole transaction. Read the article here.

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