Friday, June 22, 2007

Imposter using my name and email

Early in the morning today, blogger Chan Lilian also better known as 5xMom, left a comment on my previous post telling me that a spammer had left a political sensitive comment on her blog, using my name and email address. Lilian has already deleted it but according to her, it was a very long comment on why the guy supports the opposition, about various political parties, and why Malaysia has no future and blah blah blah.

I was really pissed off. This may be one reason that my e-mail address has been flagged as spam e-mail on more than once occasion. This includes a few times when I tried to leave comments on other people's blogs including LiewCF.

Who would do such a thing?

I suspect that this is the work of one guy who had left similar comments on my blog a few times and on occasion leaving as many as 7 comments on one post (with a totally unrelated topic). He/ she used different names but I saw that they were all from one IP address and had the same writing style. The last time he did that, I deleted all the posts and told him off. Maybe this pissed this guy off and he's doing this as revenge.

The spammer's IP address is as recorded on Lilian's web site. My initial investigation shows that the person is from Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Can anyone help me expose this sneaky, little racist ba$#@^d?

I say racist because even though he claims he is being discriminated against, he goes around making disparaging remarks against another race.

If I ever catch him, I am going kick his fat butt.


lucia said...

oh dear. sorry to hear about that, adam. i understand how you felt - really pissed off indeedd!! that's why it is advisable not to leave your email around in your website but use a feedback contact form instead (for people to able to contact you). of course that won't stop the person from using your name but at least she/he can't use your email.

you know these days, i had been noticing on some of those socio politcial blogs, there are so many anonymous comments. though they are not racist or abusive but it kind of give me the jitters if i do see many anonymous comments in my blog.

if i spy this spammer's IP, i'll let you know. hope you catch him/her!

LcF said...

hi, let me know if your comment has been blocked on my blog. I will recover it. Anyway, I do scan the spam comment list. said...

These ppl should learn a lesson from the monsterball vs simonwee case.

dorischua said...

ai yo adam.. how come like that? I hate spammers and those who steal material from my blogs. I'm one person who don't check IP address but from now on, I will... will help you keep a look out k?

Dad of Four said...

Oh dear...! Been away for a while and back now!

Adam said...

Lucia: It's OK. but I really hate coward that this guy. If he wants to say something, he should get his own blog and rant there instead of posting spam on other's blogs. Worse still is stealing other people's identity. That's criminal behaviour.

Lcf: I now use another e-mail when I want to comment on your blog. Some guys never learn. He could be in serious trouble if I lodge a police complaint.

Doris: Thanks.

Dad of four: Was reading your blog. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself/


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