Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Great site for recipes

I cook a lot now and everybody is getting tired of eating the same dishes day after day. Tried some variations but I am not fooling anybody and my daughter who is quite picky with her food is turning up her nose at my cooking.

Have no choice but to look up and try cooking new recipes. Recipes galore on the UK TV food site has made it one of my favourites. I am vegetarian so I am on their vegetarian section most of the time. However, I do cook non-vegetarian dishes for the rest of my family sometimes and my wife says that they taste great. Or is that a tactic she's using to get me to cook.

The site is not only about recipes. You can also watch videos of your favourite cooks. Watch Lesley Waters making an Almond Honey Cake with Fruit Salad. Looks delicious.

You can also join their message boards and discuss your favourite recipes.

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