Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Blair steps down

Just watched on TV, Tony Blair step down as UK prime minister after a decade. When he became the Prime Minister in 1997, he was the youngest prime minister in nearly 200 years. He won an unprecedented three elections in a row for the Labour party.

He was instrumental in ending the conflict in Northern Ireland and getting the opposing sides to sign a peace treaty. He also helped end the genocide in the Balkans. Domestically, he is attributed with bringing the crime rate down. However, in the end he spoilt it all by supporting Bush's decision to invade Iraq.

Though he offered condolences to the families of fallen soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, he was not apologetic about his actions:
I know some may think that they face these dangers in vain; I don't and I never will. I believe they are fighting for the security of this country and the wider world against people who would destroy our way of life.

However, Military Families Against the War said:
He will not be allowed to forget the suffering he has caused

Blair - you are a failure!

Blair will now take over in his new role as envoy to the Mideast peace mediators.

The former Chancellor and Gordon Brown has now moved into 10 Downing Street. As soon as he arrived there he announced:
This will be a new government with new priorities, meeting the concerns and aspirations of the whole country. Let the work of change begin

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