Saturday, May 05, 2007

Visit to Coombe country park

Went to Coombe country park yesterday. We had initially planned to have a picnic there and had even packed a nice "nasi lemak" lunch but canceled it because of the cold weather. We started a bit late from the house, as the sun only came out in the afternoon.


Look closely and you will see a monk in the picture.

Coombe country park is in Binley about 5 miles east of Coventry city centre, and set in rural Warwickshire countryside. The post code is CV3 2AB in case you are using a sat nav to get there. Had to make two trips as there was not enough space in my car. It was ok as it took only about 30 minutes to get there and about 20 minutes back home.


We only got to see a bit of the entire 500 acres of beautiful gardens and woodland. We rushed a bit as we had to get back to their office before 5 pm to return the wheelchair we had borrowed for my wife's grandmother. Yes! You can get a wheelchair for a deposit of £5.


I later learnt that the Coombe Hotel was originally a 12th Century Cistercian Abbey. The abbey and the grounds were bought over by the Coventry City Council in 1964 and opened to the public.


For your information, entry is free but you have to pay for the parking - £2 for cars.



dorischua said...

Hey.. looks like you had a great time with your family... nice photos.

Adam said...

We did. Thanks. Look out for more pictures.


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