Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Visit to Warwick Castle

Interior of Warwick castle
There are so many castles scattered throughout the midlands and the most famous of them all is Warwick castle. If you are visiting Coventry, this is a "must see" tourist attraction.

Last Sunday, we drove over to the castle in Warwick, which lies on the banks of the river Avon, just half an hour away from my house. We found out that my in-laws were eligible for the senior (age above 60) prices, which was £11.95. Normal prices for adults are £15.95. Entry was free for Rahil.

warwickcastle03 I am pilloried

The castle is a fascinating place with a lot of things to see and do. When we entered, they were just announcing the culprit of the 'Castle CSI' - an interactive detective game/ play.

warwickcastle02 Who did it?

warwickcastle05 One of the interesting exhibits was the 'Kingmaker - a preparation for battle', which shows how life was like in a mediaeval castle. The statues were so real life. I later found out that the castle is now owned by the Tussauds group.


warwickcastle06 Stained glass at the Castle chapel

Another amazing part of the castle is the Great Hall. It is the largest room in the castle and has been it's heart throughout history.


We were also lucky to be able to see the peacocks doing their dance in front of the conservatory.


One thing I really wanted to see was the firing of the Warwick Trebuchet. Unfortunately all firing has been cancelled until further notice due to a technical fault.

Enjoyable trip. Definitely have to visit it again as we missed out on a lot including the climb up Guy's tower, the rose gardens, the river and the island and much more.


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