Saturday, May 12, 2007

Slugs away

I have planted a few flowers, herbs and vegetables in my garden. However, apart from the lavender and rosemary which were untouched, all my other plants had their leaves eaten away in a few days.

The culprit - Slugs.

I had initially wanted my garden t be fully organic - no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. However, at the rate the slugs were eating the plants, I would be left with no plants in my garden if I didn't do anything soon.

Finally decided to go for a slug killer. I just scattered the pellets on the soil near the plants. Next day, there were dead slugs all over the place.

Take a look at a few. Aren't they ugly?


sweetspirits said...

Hiz Adam
Another way of combating slugs is pour some salt around , thats what i use cause i have cats n children , so
i prefer salt ..
Btw i just finished laying 2 ton of white stones in my front courtyard , expensive but very nice .Of course in the end very easy to maintain..

Adam said...

Wish I had known about that earlier. That would have been the right organic way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tamo,
We had a similar problem with snails and we tried the Beer Trap...lo & behold, it worked. I am not sure if you had checked this wedsite already but if not, do have a look:
Ciao Jules

Adam said...

Hi Jules, Thanks for the tip. My landlord suggested it but I doubted whether it would work and decided to go for something proven to work - the slug pellets. Unfortunately it's not organic.


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