Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Search engine friendly web directory

There are so many directories on the web that I have lost count. You can submit your site but I am not really sure whether anyone would ever see your site (or blog). In most case, the link value from submitting to these directories are virtually nil if your site is new. However, Big Web Links Directory is a search engine friendly web directory with a different concept for directory listings. Here, you have to bid for placement on their listings. In fact, it was among the first using this concept, which has been copied by several other directories.

Instead of sorting listings by popularity, Page Rank, or alphabetically, the listings with Big Web Links are sorted by the bid amount. Thus, webmasters can control the position of listings in the directory. I like the fact that a listing contribution increases take immediate effect.

The top 10 listings are shown on the homepage, while the top 20 listings are shown on the top links page. So if you want to get on the top listings of a directory as soon as possible, you should submit your site to

The directory has a strong link value due to the fact that it has a Google PageRank of 7.

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curiouscat said...

Curious Cat Cool Connections is a free web directory that has existed for over 10 years. Unlike so many directories today that are not actually used by anybody this directory is designed to actual help you find good resources. If your site is included you do get a link.


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