Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Not all Bloggers are teenage girls

A few years ago, when I talked to a lot of non-bloggers, they were under the impression that blogs are the online journals of teenage girls. I strongly objected to that as 1) I am not a teenager and 2) I am not a girl and 3) my blog is more than just a journal. Of course there might be some truth in this. I had posed a question in one of my early blog posts. Namely, "Are most bloggers, Girls?"

Thankfully I can see that most people have now changed their perception of blogs. In fact now, a lot of people read blogs to get the latest update on tech news and in several countries, uncensored political news. People from all demographic groups are also becoming bloggers themselves. It's not just young people but the older generation as well.

I recently got to know another blogger who started her blog "Sunflower's Thoughts" in November last year. She's a mother of 3 boys from Effingham, Illinois, United States.

Her first post was really similar to mine. The only difference is that mine was only a single sentence. She says:
Well I might as well jump on the band wagon and get a blog started. I have seen so many people with blogs, so I thought I would try it.
Like a lot of newbies, she is blogging with Blogger and is also a fellow PPP postie.

Each blogger has a different style of writing. For example, you can see her posts are quite short. On the other hand, some people complain that my posts are too long. I would love to read more about life in Illinois and see some pictures too.

What about you? Are you a blogger too and how long have you been blogging?


Shah said...

Have to agree with you here. I am a guy too, and most of the blogs I regularly read and have on my favourite links are by guys too. Been blogging since Sept last year as a way of documenting things happening in my life as they happen. It's great to be able to read & see photos from my old posts after a few months. I'll be really glad I blogged when 10 years from now I can get nostalgic & see what life was like for me back then...

Minci said...

Yes I blog. It's been for nearly 4 years now and have been jumping from blogdrive to iblog and now staying with wordpress. :)


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