Monday, May 21, 2007

iPod video converter

If you ask any teenager, what's the coolest gadget around, I am sure that 9 out of 10 are going to name the iPod. It has got to be the most innovative and popular gadget of the decade. Yeah! I am an iPod enthusiast and my fav model has to be the iPod Video. Why? Because not only can I listen to music on the go. I can also play games, view photos and watch movies. Now, some people may argue that the screen is too small, sound quality is not good, blah! blah! Well! many iPod user have a hifi at home too.

Anyway, talking about watching movies on the iPod, have you ever wanted to convert your favourite DVDs and family videos for watching on the iPod. Well, now you can make iPod movies using the iPod Video Converter software from PQDVD.

Use it to convert a dvd or video files into the iPod format. Move the converted file into your iTune library and sync with your iPod. Right now they are offering a free trial of the software. However, you have to pay US$39.95 to unlimited conversions.

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