Monday, May 14, 2007

Grab cool audio and video equipment

Have a confession to make - I do make money from my blog. I am sure that regular visitors have noticed that some of my posts are sponsored reviews.

Since October last year, I have joined a few customer generated advertising companies, my favourite being The company is a pioneer and it has led to a paradigm shift - from advertising by companies in the mass media to consumer generated advertising. Companies were initially reluctant to advertise in this new medium - many still are but more and more companies have joined in as they see the advantage of this new advertising medium.

Members which are known as Posties take up suitable opportunities (PPP Opps) and get paid after a period of time. You might be amazed to learn that Posties have won up to $1000 for a single opp. Unfortunately I am not one of them.

I was really excited to learn about the latest announcement. Not only do we stand a chance of making money from the oops but we might earn great products too. Every Tuesday this month PayPerPost is holding something they call the "HDTV Tuesday". We stand a chance of winning all sorts of cool audio and video equipment for specially marked opportunities. Some of the lucky guys have already won TVs and a PS3. However, the prize that everyone is looking out for is a new HDTV at the end of this month. All of this is due to Bid4Prizes who are sponsoring the prizes.

The prizes today are a Slingbox, Nintendo Wii, Yamaha Surround Sound System and a Logitech universal remote. Unfortunately, only U.S. residents can take the opps.

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