Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Fresh milk in Malaysia

The one with the blue cap is Whole milk whereas the other one with the green cap is semi-skimmed milk.
Our small family of four consumes one of each - that's 3 litres of milk, every week.

One of our friends just returned to Coventry from Malaysia for his doctoral viva. It seems that his kids are having a tough time readjusting to life in Malaysia. It can be a culture shock sometimes considering that the some of the kids were born and raised up here in the UK. However, I am sure it will be a matter of time before they settle in.

One of the complaints was that it was so hard to obtain fresh milk back home. Not impossible but hard. I guess it's true. Most of the milk in Malaysia comes from Australia and New Zealand and it's either in the canned condensed/ sweetened or powder form.

I may be wrong but there is not a single diary company of note in Malaysia today. I posed this question to one of my friends who is involved in goat rearing and import of cattle. According to him, most people who rear cattle in Malaysia do so for their meat. Many are actually mere importers, who bring in cattle from Thailand and then resell them in Malaysia.

He added that even though Malaysians consume a lot of milk products, especially in their favorite drink (maybe the National drink) - teh tarik, it is mostly in the form of sweetened condensed milk. Not many Malaysians drink fresh milk now-a-days anyway. The Chinese also traditionally prefer soya rather than cow milk.

However, talking to the older generation including my in-laws, I learned that they used to drink fresh milk in their childhood.

So what happened? Does that mean that the food habits changed in a single generation.

My friend was reluctant to try the diary business despite my suggestion that once eaten, a cow is gone forever but can give milk for a long time if kept alive. According to him, it was a high risk venture. However, I am sure there is a market for fresh milk.

So any takers for diary farming in Malaysia?


Mama22Beas said...

Can we call milk in cartons with brandname Goodday, Dutch Lady etc fresh milk? That's what me and kids are taking. I know there are words like solid milk fat in the ingredients but I could not find only "fresh milk".
And yes, I consumed a lot of those in bottle with blue cap when I was in the UK, too.

Omar Cruz said...
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sweetspirits said...

No fresh milk wow and my blog friend Desi is often asking me to visit KL
hmm i dunno if i could go without fresh milk hehe

Adam said...

mam22beas: Not sure whether you can call them fresh milk.
Sweetspirits: You can find fresh milk here but you have to search around a bit.

Anonymous said...

all the grass (empty land) is used for palm oil!
no food for cows

KEDAH BEEF said...

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