Monday, April 30, 2007

Zip your files securely

I am sure that all of you have one software or the other for zipping files, on your computer. However, do you have one that provides data security as well. If you don't then take a look at SecureZIP - The next generation of ZIP. This program has set a standard for desktop data security - from email messages and attachments, as well as data stored on hard-drives, laptops, and portable storage media.

The importance of ensuring security of your data cannot be over emphasized. If you think you are not going to be the target of Internet fraud or identity theft, think again. Of course, all data on your computer is important. However, there are certain files that should be kept absolutely confidential. This includes your financial data - including tax records, credit card and banking information.

You can use this program to exchange sensitive files through email using SecureZIP integrated with Microsoft Outlook®. It will automatically encrypt, digitally sign, and zip email messages and attachments.

Only minimal changes to current processes and existing security infrastructure is necessary for the deployment of this application.

If you are unsure, take the opportunity to download the program for FREE from the site - They are having a limited time free download promotion (the full version). All you need to do is to provide your full e-mail address to download the free software. It's that easy.

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