Monday, April 23, 2007

Why you need breakdown cover 1

Have you ever been stranded on the highway? I have never been but yesterday, I learned why we NEED a breakdown cover.

I was just back home after a few hours at the Furnace End car boot, where I had gone with my daughter. My wife informed me that her friend Naz, was stranded on the M42 motorway. Naz was with her 3 kids and cousin and were on the way to Birmingham airport to pick up here husband who was arriving Malaysia. The car had broken down and unfortunately they were not a member of either the RAC or the AA. They called us because we were the nearest.

This is where I made the first mistake. I rushed off without asking anyone for any advise on what to do. Was under the impression that the car had overheated or was a simple battery problem.

It took nearly 35 minutes to get there via the M6. They had pulled up against the hard shoulder of the motorway. I checked the engine oil - Was ok but I topped it up. Checked the battery - water level was ok and the car even started. It was then that I noticed the big crack on the hose connecting the radiator to the engine. Didn't have any duct tape or anything that I could use to do a temporary fix - to at least get off the motorway. Called a few people but they were not much help and so we decided to go over to our house and contact a nearby workshop from there. This is when I miss Malaysia and all the tow trucks that roam the highways.

Got all of them into my car and Naz requested that I drop here at Birmingham airport as her husband had already landed. This was my second mistake. I didn't know that we couldn't leave our car on the side of the highway for more than an hour.

I dropped her off at the airport- she would be coming to Coventry by train along with Azmil.

It took another half an hour before we got home. Soon received a call - they had already reached Coventry station.

Brought them to my house after picking them up. We made the decision to call up the AA and see whether they could fix the car or tow it even though they were not members.

"Yes!" Our spirits went up when we learnt that they could, but of course Aznil would have to fork out a little more than £100. They said Ok and joined up,

The person from AA said that a tow truck was on the way and so we set off for the car. Halfway there, Aznil suddenly realised that the car keys were still with his wife. Oh No!

This is where I made another mistake. As we were nearly there and the AA petrol was on the way, I decided to leave him there by the car and go back for the keys.

Part 2 tomorrow.


Dad of Four said...

Oh dear...What a day, Adam!

Adam said...

That was not the end. I am coming up with the next part.


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