Friday, April 13, 2007

A shrimp poem

Some may think they are ugly but my wife thinks they are lovely
How do you like them?
Really not sure how to cook them
In the end we found this site
My wife has finally decided
Pad Thai it shall be.

I know it's a terrible poem. Anyway, check out great Shrimp Recipes on

This tasty looking site has loads of shrimp recipes. Unlike other sites where you choose the recipe from a list, this site has a cool way of choosing one that's just right for you. You search their database by just ticking a few choices and hitting the "Find Shrimp Recipes" button.


lucia said...

wow! shrimp!! my favourite food!! i simply LOVE shrimp to death. it is the only food i will eat no matter how it is cook, no matter where it goes (i mean add to dishes).

thanks for the site but unfortunately i don't cook. well i can only salivate... or take down the recipe for my mum to cook them. :)

Adam said...

You are welcome Lucia. Doing a lot of cooking now in the UK. My wife loves the site too. She's thinking of trying a few recipes this weekend.


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