Friday, April 06, 2007

Online marketing blog

I was showing my wife this Internet Marketing Blog that I had just came across and my wife went, "Not another one!"

Well! This blog is slightly different. A number of the posts are on Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Michael Brito does talk about Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search and Web Strategy topics too and I can see that unlike a few other self declared "SEO experts", I think Michael knows what he is talking about.

Even though he transferred his blog to this new domain only in September 2006, it already has a 4 Google page rank.

Among the several interesting posts, I found one of particular interest titled- "Can Social Media Kill a Brand?" I totally agree with him. Unfortunately a lot of companies continue to ignore social media at their own risk.

I definitely recommend this blog for those who are interested in online marketing.

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Rose said...

Thanks Adam! I'll be sure to drop by and check it out.


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