Saturday, April 21, 2007

Social networks and my psychographic profile

I recently joined Orkut, another online social networking site. BTW, Orkut is named after its creator Orkut Büyükkökten, and is owned by Google.

Suddenly realized that I am now a member of almost every social network out there on the net. This includes MySpace, Friendster, MyBlogLog, SpicyPage, among others. Not sure whether they can be called a social network, but I am also member of Flickr, YouTube, Textamerica and Yahoogroups.

My wife who's specialized in Marketing, tells me that I fall into the "Innovator" or "Thrill seeker" segment of the market. This refers to my Psychographic profile. The first ones to try out anything new.

So are you like me?


dorischua said...

adam.. did u really shave your head??

Adam said...

Yes I did. Check out my pic in my post here:

phil said...

I'm a thrill seeker as long as it doesn't involve any actual danger :)

Anyway, do you use any of the social networks to increase traffic to your blog? And if so, is it working?

lucia said...

i don't really like social network atlthough i am in a few. most of them i'm in but then i never do anything about it - just signed up as member.

next adam, you should tell us how many ads you have. :)

MerapuMan said...

i joined orkut last year but .. join aje la .. didnt do anything much.

Adam said...

Phil: I think joining online social networks are quite safe unless you happen to antagonise a crazy lunatic.

Lucia: You definitely fall in the follower or play safe segment.

A lot of ads ;)

Merapuman: I only joined recently and so far I have only 3 friends on it.

Adam said...

Phil: Forgot to answer your 2nd question.

Yes. That is one of my objectives and I think it has worked. Get a lot of new visitors coming over to my blog through the networks.


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