Friday, April 20, 2007

Chicken pox information

After 2 sleepless nights, my son is finally getting better. Now he has scabs through out the body. Hopefully they won't leave scars.

He is really a tough boy and despite the rashes all over his body with painful blisters, including one on his eye lid and one at his nostril, he could still smile. His waking up at night was the only sign that he was in some short of discomfort.

We consulted a number of websites and my father who's a doctor. So wanted to share some useful tips for you parents out there.

You should be aware that Chickenpox is a highly contagious illness and also infectious even before the rashes come out. Fortunately our daughter was vaccinated in Malaysia when she was 13 months old. It seems that vaccination for chicken pox is not common in the UK.

In order to ease the itchiness, we gave him a bath twice in lukewarm water with a little sodium bicarbonate powder added. After that we applied Calamine lotion to the affected areas apart from the face. He developed a mild fever and we gave him Paracetamol.

Warning: If you haven't had Chicken pox, you can catch it from your kids. Hope this info helps.

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Dad of Four said...

Got it when I was 20...It was hell! Hope your son is up and about now!

Adam said...

Wow! at 20 years. That must have been terrible.

The doctor was amazed that my son was laughing and playful when she saw him. According to her, the symptoms differ from kid to kid.


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