Wednesday, April 11, 2007

SEO charges based on top rankings

There are a lot of Search engine optimization (SEO) companies out there on the net and choosing one for your company can be a tough choice. After all, how do we know they can deliver after we have already spent the money.

Well, looking around the net, I came across this incredible offer from a search engine optimization company called based in Tampa Bay Florida. They promise top 10 organic search engine placements on Google, Yahoo!, and/or MSN completely FREE of charge for a month. This means that you are not bound to a contract regardless of the results as is the case when you sign up with other search engine optimization companies.

I was thinking that might be a great way to instil confidence in your customers so that they can try you out. However, they are not cheap - their monthly fees are based on the number of top 10 rankings they get for their clients and start from $500/ month. I liked the fact that they had four different SEO packages to choose from, to suit your needs and your search engine marketing budget.

Quite impressed with what their clients have to say in their testimonials page. One of their clients, says that they received top 5 rankings on AOL, Google and Yahoo in just a few days. As I have always stressed, before you go for any SEO company, it is always advisable to look at their Google page rank. I checked and found that their home page has an impressive PR 6 and Alexa rankings of 143,059.

On the other hand if you are looking for an affordable option, I might be able to help you. Just search on Google for SEO Expert Coventry.

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