Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Back up your stuff online

Most people I know have experienced loss of data at one time or the other due to hardisk failure, lap top stolen or in rare cases, flash drive falling into the toilet (this has actually happened to a friend).

The solution is back up, back up and back up. Most people usually buy a external hard disk for this purpose.

However, there has been a growth of online storage services recently for obvious reasons - it has a lot of advantages over storage in a external hard disk at home. The obvious advantage is of course the ability to access the data from anywhere place in the world with Internet access.

IBackup - Online Storage Drive is one of the newest in the market. The unique feature about this service is that, this online storage account as seen as a local drive on your computer allowing you to drag-n-drop, open, edit and so on.

If you are worried about security, they have a 128 bit SSL encryption.

They have various subscription plans to suit your budget and requirments. You can even start a free trial by sending them your e-mail.

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