Thursday, April 26, 2007

Auctions with a twist

Just got to know about this new and unique online auction site called bid4prizes. Unlike other auction sites where the highest bidder wins, instead here the LOWEST UNIQUE bidder is the winner.

Yes! You can bid just 1 cent on a cool product and win if you are the only one who bid 1 cent for that product. Talking about cool products - people were bidding on amazing products like a Scion XB car, Samsung 50" Plasma TV, an Apple iPhone and lots more.

Joining in is quite easy. Once you have registered on the site you can start bidding. Just follow the steps:
STEP 1: Select your the item you are interest in by clicking it's image.
STEP 2: Enter your cellphone number and your bid amounts in cents.
After the auction ends, check to see if your bid was the lowest unique one. If yes! You won the prize.

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