Friday, April 13, 2007

Are you on Bebo

When I first heard about Bebo, I dismissed it as another MySpace wannabe. Well! I was so wrong.

It has become the most popular social networking site in the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand and is growing fast in the United States, Australia and Canada.

Bebo was founded in January 2005 by Michael Birch and his wife, Xochi and since then it has grown by leaps and bounds.

So what makes it different from all the other social networks on the web?

One of their great strategies was their co-branding agreement with Skype, allowing Bebo users to call for free online. BeboTV is another great service that allows users to browse through a variety of 'TV Channels'. They also have this unique Whiteboard feature where you can go and draw anything you want.

So far, they have gathered a number of awards. It received the the ‘People’s Voice’ Award at the 10th Annual Webby Awards for the world’s ‘Best Social Networking Web Site of 2006’. They also recently won the 'Hottest Overseas Technology Prospect' award at the UK Technology Innovation and Growth Forum 2007.

So are you on Bebo?


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