Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another great bookmarking service

I had blogged about sometime back and the advantages bookmarking online as opposed to bookmarking on a browser.

Well, this online bookmarking service has added some great new features. I wanted to inform you guys about their "RSS Topic" feature. For those who are not aware "Really Simple Syndication" or RSS refers to the way blogs or web sites to share their current posts, news or headlines via a frequently updated xml file.

Now users who are registered with can bookmark RSS feeds, according to groups you frequently visit (e.g., news, web design, etc.). just like other regular bookmarks. A user can have unlimited topics.

If I am not mistaken, this is the first online bookmark manager to provide an RSS bookmark service. This presents greater convenience - you can access your favourite RSS feeds from anywhere in the World with an internet access. Besides, there are several security advantages of using their service for online bookmarking. For example, your nosy boss won't be able to see your bookmarks.

By installing BookmarkAll’s toolbar in your browser(Internet Explorer or Firefox), you will be able to bookmark your favorite links and access them online quickly.

You can also discover new sites from other user’s social bookmark topics that they have made public. Saves definitely save time Googling for it. This is one major advantage that BookmarkAll has over Yahoo! or Google.

Last but not the least, this great convenient service is totally Free so sign up now.

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Deborah said...

Hi Adam,

I'm from Canada.

As many people know, individials here don't have the legal right to bear arms. There was a major hooplah a couple of years ago over enforcement of registration for hunting guns.

We've had our tragedies as well, but it's very rare to see anything other than gang related shootings.

I myself am pro gun control. It makes things too easy to fly off the handle and go 'postal' because someone is enraged, and their firearms are within an arm's reach.

Here is a link to Canada's gun control laws if you're interested:

Thanks for stopping by, the compliment on our Life in the Fast Lane site and tech add BTW, you're already in mine :)

Take care!


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