Tuesday, March 27, 2007

UK in Summer time

This Monday I took my daughter to her play school at the usual time and was surprised to find that there were no other parents around. Usually it would be quite hard to find parking but there was no one in front of the school that day.

"Is it a holiday today?" I thought to myself. However, was quite relieved when I found that the gate was open.

Then it suddenly struck me.

In the Winter, the UK uses Coordinated Universal Time (almost equal to Greenwich Mean Time). However, at 1.00 am on 25 March 2007 (Friday), civil time returned to British Summer Time (BST). The whole of UK set their clocks forward by one hour last Friday.

I had forgotten to set my wrist watch and my daughter was late to school by exactly and hour.

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Dad of Four said...

I did that a few times.....: )


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