Tuesday, March 13, 2007

TV is bad for your kids

Was watching some parenting programme on the idiot box some time back and the expert on the show mentioned that too much TV can result in a host of behavioral problems in children. This include short attention span and hyperactivity among others.

I felt a bit guilty because I had been letting the TV babysit my daughter - putting on the cartoons for her while I did my thing.

My wife and I recently decided to cut down on her TV viewing and substitute it with some other activities.

Last Sunday, we were able to get some great bargains and our purchases included 3 boxes of Jigsaw puzzles (almost brand new with their original boxes). You will be surprised when you hear the price - 10p each. 2 of the jigsaws were for me (500 pieces each) and another for my daughter.
Puzzle solvers
We had lots of fun. And before we knew it, we had spent hours without no TV at all. That day we only put on the TV at night after the kids had gone to sleep.

When it gets warmer, I plan to have some outdoor activities for her.



DotMySpot said...

:D I love TV

Dad of Four said...

Arent we all guilty of it! Banned Astro 6 years back...One of the best decisions we made!


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