Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Social networking for sci-fi fans

If you are a science fiction fan like me, you can socialize with others having a similar interest on Sci-Edge, a new social networking site. This site is not only for sci-fi fans. They also welcome people who love technology and gadgets, as well as science hobbyists.

I know of a friend who had a bad experience when he joined a social networking site. Unfortunately people in that site (or forum) thought that sci-fi was not cool and he was called a geek. Now he doesn't want to have nothing to do with social networking sites. I finally convinced him that being a sci-fi fan was not weird - though small in number, there are millions on this planet who love science fiction - books, movies and so on. He just happened to join the wrong group. I am definitely going to recommend to him.

If you are like my friend (or me), you can sign up for Free on this site, which will be will launched on April 2nd. BTW, you can also make some money by blogging and posting links on the site. Check it out for more details.


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