Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Review of King Nomar blog

I am sure you have noticed that blogs on web development and those that offer advice on "how to make money on the net" are mushrooming everywhere on the blogosphere.

Sad to say but they are all beginning to look alike with the same advice, same news, etc. and only a few stand out. One such Web development Blog that caught my attention is Kingnomar.com. It the blog of a 20 years old web developer from the Netherlands.

Unlike other web development sites, this blog looks very eat and tidy and is not cluttered up with ads.

He has a number of interesting and useful articles. My favourite is titled "The Process Of A Domain Sale At Sedo", which has 377 diggs when I last checked. I too plan to sell some of my domains and have decided to go for Sedo.com. Yes, I was influenced by his post. Another post I found quite useful and was actually the first I read on his blog, is the latest post: "Why You Should Use Web Directories!". I had an online discussion with a friend on the same topic sometime back and he was of the opinion that web directories are useless because hardly anyone visits them. I guess I have to e-mail him a link to this post.

On the down side, most of Nomar's posts are on technology related topics and are quite long. Unless you are a geek like me, the blog might turn you off. So if you are looking for celebrity gossip, you better go somewhere else.

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