Friday, March 23, 2007

Online opportunities site

You will find that there are so many technology sites out there promising to help you earn money that I sometimes say "not again" when coming across another similar site. I was planning to create a satire site making fun of these sites and had even registered my domain name, when I had a change of mind.

This was because after going through some of the sites trying to find a way to criticise them, I found out that many had really interesting, useful and original posts. Dustin's blog, Little seeks to provide tested revenue ideas for "the little guy" (like me). However, unlike other similar blogs, this blog seems refreshingly neat. I realised that this is due to the fact that it is not plastered with ads of all kinds, unlike some blogs (that includes me). One of his side bar is totally empty except for the words "Help me put something pretty here." Think you can help him with that?

His recent post "Arrington Changes View on PPP" is very interesting to me as another Payperpost postie. Techcrunch is probably jealous that they are going to lose out advertising to small bloggers like me.


Neo said...

That sounds like a nice domain name... is taken? :)

Adam said...

Unfortunately yes. That was my first choice.


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