Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Online bookmarking service

I am sure you faced the problem whereby you had visited a great website but couldn't recall the url when you wanted to access it again. Now, whenever I find a website or blog I particularly like, I would immediately bookmark it on my browser.

Just learned about this online bookmarking service provided by Some of you might ask why one would need an online bookmarking service.

As opposed to bookmarking on a browser, bookmarking it online has several advantages:

first of all, as is mentioned on their site, you can now access your bookmarks from anywhere, anytime or any computer in the World.

Security is another reason you may want to have your bookmarks online. For example, your boss won't be able to view your favourite sites.

Of course some of you techno-savvy guys will be pointing out that there are similar tools already available. However, the difference is that Bookmarkall provides both online and social bookmark. A user can share research or information on a specific topic and even publish your bookmarks on your blog via an RSS feed

In order to do that, you have to sign up and create a "User Profile". This user profile is accessible to the public.

You can install BookmarkAll’s Tool Bar in internet explorer/Firefox browsers, which enables users to quickly access their online bookmarks.


Lindsey said...

Hi, Adam. I read your post about BookMarkAll and thought you might like to know about Clipmarks. Web clipping is the newest way to save just the parts of a Web page (or multiple Web pages) that you find most important – like ripping out magazine and newspaper clips. Clipmarks is a new Web clipping tool that allows you select multimedia and text from any Web page and automatically save it, share it, email it, or blog it. Let’s say you and your friends like to search for the latest and greatest gadgets on the Web. You come across a new plasma TV, complete with multiple pictures, tech specs, availability and the full history of television. You select just one image, the specs and pricing (what’s important to you) – then in one click you can either email it to your friends, save it in your personal folder at for easy reference, or put it on your blog. No cutting and pasting, no URLs, and no bookmarks. When you clip the info, a link to the full Web page is included.

As an added bonus, you can also track the new gadgets that your friends clip on by adding them to your “Watch List” and be alerted whenever they clip a new TV find. Just thought you might like to know about this tool...thanks!

Adam said...

Thanks for the info Lindsey. Will be blogging about this service in my other blog - Freebies ( )

Brajeshwar said...

I thought was the de facto online bookmarking tools these days.

Adam said...

Brajeshwar: I guess it is but it sure is facing a lot of competition.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for a good online bookmark for a long time and I think is great. I tried delicious but still don’t like the way it looks and I also don’t like the concept of tagging. I mean it’s great for search but not so great for organizing. I also tried clipmark, I have to uninstall it after two days of use. It slows down my browser and caused some windows error.
Great find.


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