Saturday, March 17, 2007

Memories of KL

Was just going through Tracy Tan's Blog "Wahseh!". Her posts about life in Kuala Lumpur and looking at the pictures brought back fond memories.

Ever since we arrived in the UK, our social life has suffered a great deal - what with the kids, my wife's research work plus the fact that we are living on a budget. After 8 the only places open here are the nightclubs and a few expensive restaurants. Makes us really miss KL with it's 24 hour mamak outlets.


Dad of Four said...

I know what you mean. Beyond nightclubs, pubs, discos and cinemas - nothing much to do.....! Good documentaries on tv though! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hie abg adam..
do you still remember me..
it's like a long time i never heard from u guys since you move to UK...
Hope things are looking good there..
KL are looking good here..
only the weather is so can be raining and it can be so hot..
I read about how you miss KL and the mamak 24 hours stall..
we miss you guys too..
especially to rahil..
and to aiman that we never get to know him..
last words from me
keep in touch
and send my regard to
Kak tita, rahil and Aiman..

Nor Sallihan Abdul Rashid

Ezlika said...

Hi A'an, we r doing great. the weather here is unpredictable too. when we woke up there was snow in the backyard today. it's suppose to be musim bunga now, not winter!. hope everybody is in good health back home. love n miss you guys so much.

-k'tita,abg adam,rahil,imaan.

p/s: it's Imaan not Aiman :-)


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