Thursday, March 22, 2007

Introducing Ghetto Barbie

I would like to introduce my readers to Danyel aka Ghetto Barbie. The first thing I noticed, when I visited her blog was the big graffiti style logo. Certainly eye catching.

She has 3 themes that you can choose from. The default is the Easter layout but I found that the easiest to read text was the "Erin Go Brah" theme, which incidentally looked like the colors from the Irish or Indian flags.

This 24 year old stays with her boyfriend Mark, baby son Tegan, Mark,s father and (you won't believe it) 25 pets. Go to her blog to find out. I was not sure what a bearded dragon was and had to look it up on Wikipedia.

You sure meet lot of interesting people on the net.


Danyel said...

The are the colors from the Irish flag.

I love living in my so called zoo. It get crazy sometimes when everyone wants feed a once.

Thanks for the post on my site. Huggle Snuggles and Smooches!

Adam said...

Danyel: I guess the Indian and Irish flags are quite similar, apart from the Chakra in the center of the Indian flag.

You are welcome.


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