Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Interesting personal blog

A friend told me that my blog has become less interesting after I starting writing about technology, business and e-commerce. According to her, it was more interesting when most of my posts were about my personal life.

I don't know why but I too prefer personal blogs over blogs with technology or any other specific theme. Somehow I feel more involved. "Where’s Mommy’s Prozac?" is such a blog. The 30+ mother to two teenage girls and a teenage stepson writes that
"My life is all about drama, drama, drama."

One of the posts I really found deeply touching was about the death of her brother - "In Memory of My Brother".

I also found out that we share the same interest in music. Most of her favourites are also mine too.

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lucia said...

i agree with your friend. :)

you started writing about technology, business and e-commerce was because they are sponsored posts. you blog become less interesting when you started writing sponsored posts as it is no more personal. and i find there's nothing much to comment on sponsored posts!

but i won't say that i prefer personal blogs to technology or on any other specific theme.i mean if the blog is specifically on technology (like liewcf), then it will be interesting (or specifically on one theme). i don't like it when it is you know campur-campur too many different kind of themes in one blog.

having said all that, do carry on with your sponsored posts - i'll still drop by to read (or skim through!). sometimes some sponsored posts are interesting.


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