Saturday, March 10, 2007

How do you like your tea

Teh tarik and Teh ais at Syed, Kelana Jaya

I have been a tea drinker since I was a kid. Me and my father could finish a huge tea pot between us. Our favorite was always the aromatic light Darjeeling tea.

As a student in India, I once visited a Tibetan monastery where I had my first (and last) taste of special Tibetan tea. Instead of sugar and milk, they add salt and butter. It tasted like soup and I politely finished the drink but my friends refused to take another sip after the first. It was a unique experience.

In Malaysia, initially my favourite tea drink was "Teh O ais limau" (Iced lemon tea). Whenever we went out, it was the drink I always ordered. That changed after I had a severe bout of throat infection and had to stay away from cold drinks. It was then that I started "Teh Tarik" (Pulled tea). AT first I didn't like the taste and it was too sweet for me. Later on, I would always start my day with a cup of hot teh tarik at the stall near our office.

Over here in the UK, we initially made our tea like most people do, that is, boil water, pour into a tea pot with tea bags. Add milk and sugar separately. One day I was feeling a bit lazy and boiled everything in our sauce pan. Tried "pulling it" - pouring from one glass to another and Surprise! It was really tasty. Ever since then, no English style tea for us anymore.

So how do you like your tea?



Dad of Four said...

It's Tibetan style then what my dad has been taking his tea as(minus the salt though). He loves putting loads of butter to his tea (with sugar added)and I only obliged for a sip when I was younger....Not anymore for me!

AzDana said...

Butter in tea? I had never heard of drinking it like that. I usually drink my tea hot or cold with nothing added.
Isn't the internet great? I learn something new all the time, and it seems the world is getting smaller every day. :-)

Adam said...

Dad of four: I guess it's an acquired taste.

Azdana: I fully agree with you.

Loose Leaf Tea Lover said...

I has a 'pleasure' of tasting Tibetan style tea when travelling accross Yunnan this year. OMG! This was the last time for sure.

I love my tea with no milk, no sugar, no honey and definitely no butter or salt. Tea should be drunk with no additions so that we may fully enjoy its natural flavour, aroma and aftertaste.

Thank you for a great post.


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