Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Google adsense on your blog

Was going through this post: "No sense in AdSense". Totally agree with Paul when he says,
"...for smaller sites (and I mean much smaller) it just isn’t really a big earner and often it doesn’t do anything except take up screen real-estate."

I have been running Google adsense on my blog since April 24, 2004. If you ask me how much I have earned from the ads, I can only say - not much. I used to have Google ads plastered all over my blog but not anymore. Later learnt that eople are turned off by too many ads on a site. Now, I still have some ads on my site but slowly culling those wthat don't bring me any or negligible revenue.

BTW, Paul is a web monkey since 1998 (his own words not mine), Read Paul's Rants and Revelations.


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