Sunday, March 04, 2007

Friends from Holland

We finally got to meet up in person with our close friends Zaza and Hardy, and their cute son, Aidan, after such a long time. Actually Hardy's here for work but it was the perfect opportunity for Zaza to visit us and her sister, Fifi and her husband Redza.
They informed us that they were planning a trip to Birmingham to stock up on food and we decided to tag along yesterday. It was our first visit to Wing Yip, which probably has the largest selection of Asian food in the UK. Was amazed to find some familiar Malaysian brand names there.

Finally tasted real Malaysian "roti chanai", again today. Not as good as the one in my favourite stall in Kedah but I am not complaining.


Dad of Four said...

Adam, "Fifi" whom you mentioned; is she by any chance a doctor and hails from Shah Alam/PJ?

DotMySpot said...

eh adam, want to ask u ar, what sort of service u recommend to take money out of paypal? :D i currently sell in lelong, etrade wants me to send financial info, so i'm considering accent card...

any idea ma? :D

Adam said...

dad of four: No. She's from Johor and is not a doctor.

dormyspot: I am not really sure about Malaysia. Over here in the UK, I can just transfer the money into my bank account.

DotMySpot said...

Oh! :D I tot u in Malaysia.. hahaha.. ok-lah.. thanks for mentioning :)


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