Friday, March 30, 2007

Cat on the roof

We have an extra toilet outside which we have converted partly into our storage shed. Cats have decided to make the roof over it as their sunbathing place. So far we have identified 3 cats but it seems that there is some short of cat hierarchy as there will only be one at any given time.

cat yawning Caught this cat as it was yawning. Picture taken from our bedroom window.

Anyway, among the three cats, there's one particularly fat cat and apparently it got stuck one day and was trying desperately to get down. trying one side and then the other.

I was reminded of the incident after going through a post on Lattégirl's blog "Inner Dialogues", when her cat got stuck on their back porch. Read her post here.

Coming back to my story, I went out hoping to help the cat get down but it was so scared when I opened the back door that it jumped right down from the roof and ran like it's tail was on fire.


lattégirl said...

Sometimes cats are smart enough to play King of the Hill; other times, you have to wonder where their brains are (mine being a major case in point).

Thanks for the link and for stopping by my place!

[s][e][x][y][i][n][r][e][d] said...

I'm still waiting for the cat to come out and play.

There are two cats who I used to play with if I mat them on the way out, but guess they prefer to stay indoor during these cold weather so I don't see them that often. :(

Adam said...

lattegirl: They are strange pets. You are welcome.

Sexyinred: I guess they hate the cold.

It just happens that our roof receives quite good sunshine. Just the place for sunbathing.


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