Thursday, March 29, 2007

Baby boy taking one step at a time

Taking care of a baby is not easy and I can totally relate to Ami-chan when she writes
"I remind myself part of learning is falling down, getting bumps and bruises, and apparently givng your parents heart failure on a half-hourly basis."
Read the full post here.

My son crawls so fast that before we know it, he's either in the kitchen or trying to climb up the stairs. We have put in door-safety hooks and stoppers. Right now we are shopping for used stairgates.

A few days back we were in the dining room and heard a thud followed by loud wailing. We guessed that he was standing up against the sofa and had fallen backwards on the wooden floor.

We nearly had a heart attack. And this was not the first time. Fortunately the living room is carpeted but we now take take the extra precaution of putting a thick comforter on the floor near the sofas. My wife also bought him a woolen helmet for extra safety but he hates wearing it and we gave up after the first day.


Zaza said...

guys, i cant help but to laugh at this post laaa.. cute laa.. poor imaan.. kena pakai helmet! ez.. ez...
yes imaan crawls very fast indeed, and quietly too! better get those gates and put loads of comforters on the floor!
aidan is now crawling, backwards, and then he rocks his body back and forth like as it it's going to take off anytime! hillarious!!

Adam said...

"rocks his body back" .. That's just the warm up before they actually start moving forward. You better have some gates and cushions ready too.


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