Thursday, March 29, 2007

Alcoholism and drug addiction treatment

Nobody needs to talk to me about the horrors of drug addiction or alcoholism because I have seen the ill effects with my own eyes. I have seen families torn apart and even people dying because of these two diseases.

The problem with many addicts is the denial. They refuse to accept that they are addicts and will give excuses like "I am only a social drinker".

I was going through's and found this interesting article titled "The Signs & Symptoms of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction". If you have the symptoms listed, you better seek some professional help.


Noor Azman Othman GBE said...

I know what you're talking about, my friend. I've seen and felt the horrors of it too.

Once you overcome denial, and admitted that you're powerless, that your life become unmanageable because of your addiction is the beginning of your journey to recovery.

"Today my recovery is not about drugs. I have been clean and sober long enough to know that the problems I face in life ain't drugs problems; they are life problems. I know that if I want to continue in recovery, I can't use, or I shall surely die. The death maybe spiritual, or it maybe physical, but I shall die. So my only logical, as well as spiritual, conclusion is that the recovery is all about LIFE AND LIVING LIFE. That conclusion removes drugs in any form from the equation, enabling me to deal with LIFE ON LIFE'S TERMS.

Addiction Treatment said...

Not only you have been the witnesses of the horrors of addiction, there are a lot, from parents, spouses to kids. You see, addiction has encapsulated our society long ago. I've read an article that says addiction is not only a disease but a spiritual problem and I believe that alongside the conventional addiction treatment, an addict should also try attending to his spiritual issues through some counselings and therapies.--Marga


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