Saturday, March 17, 2007

About Narcissus

You learn a lot of interesting thing while surfing the net.

Yesterday, I bought some daffodils to plant in our front garden. However, the tag said Narcissus and these were white, scented and smaller variety unlike the more common large trumpet yellow ones and I had some doubt.

A look at this site confirmed that these were indeed daffodils too. Both belong to the genus Narcissus. Daffodil is the common English name now used for all plants under this genus.

The variety I planted is called Bridal Crown.

The site had some interesting trivia. The daffodil is the emblem of Wales and Prince Charles is paid one daffodil annually as rent for the unattended lands of Scilly.

The name comes from Greek mythology from the guy who fell in love with his own image. Yeah! It sounds so stupid but looking around, it doesn't seem so stupid after all.


sweetspirits said...

Hi Adam
I love daffodils but , i can't have them as they are a no no , coz i have a cat .
Here is a link lots of nasty flowers / plants for doggy n kitty

cheerz tcz

Adam said...

Don't think it's poisonous for cats because one of our neighbours has a cat and their garden has a lot of daffodils too.

Dad of Four said...

I miss the sight of daffodils along the pathway to uni over spring....


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