Monday, February 26, 2007

Why do I blog

Here are the 5 reasons why I blog:

1. Passion

I love blogging. It was my hobby but my wife calls it an addiction. Have been writing for magazines, newsletters as well as academic journals. Stared off reading other's blogs and leaving comments before finally deciding to start my own. It was a natural transition. Have realised that my writing skills have indeed improved since I started blogging 3 years ago.

2. Interactivity

Like Doris, I love sharing my ideas and experiences with people. What really attracted me to blogging was the interactive nature of blogs. The fact that my visitors could tell me what they thought about my posts - negative as well as positive. I love to receive comments.

3. Ranting

Blogging also give me an excellent opportunity to share with my readers, experiences with different organisations and companies - good as well as bad. As my regular visitors are aware, I do post a number of product and service reviews on my blogs. Companies and organisations better watch out when their products and/ or service quality don't meet my expectations.

On certain occasions when newspapers refused to publish my letter, blogging was the only option to voice out my bad experiences. Some companies have got back to me personally.

4. Networking

It's amazing, how many friends I have made online through blogging from all around the World - most of whom I have never met but feel like I know them personally. Through their blogs, I have shared in their happy moments as well as sad. Seen their kids grow up and even met up with some of them physically.

5. Making money

When I started blogging, this was the last thing from my mind. At a certain phase, I was even against the very idea of making money from personal blogs. Have to admit that I have made an about turn. Now I feel that there is nothing wrong with making money from blogs and have actually made quite a bit from carrying ads and writing sponsored posts. I have also made money indirectly through networking. Have worked on a few projects with people whom I met though my blog. Yeah! Networking is good.

I have been tagged again by Doris. I tag anybody who is interested.



George C. said...

Hi Adam! I think those are enough reasons to blog! Keep on with the good work!

Dad of Four said...

I think I'll give this meme pass....Really look forward to your interesting and myriad postings!

narrowband said...

I don't think I can easily come up with 5 reasons why I blog.

But the interactivity part is pretty true.

Adam said...

George, dad of four: Thanks for your comments guys.

Narrowband: some of the reasons are inter-related I guess. I have a passion to blog because of it's interactive nature, which has led me to make new friends via networking and in the process make some money.


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