Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ski equipment

If you're a skier, you probably know that generic type of skis simply won't do. There are different types of skiers ranging from beginners to experts and those who are carvers to freeriders. There are even different types of skies specially designed for women.

Al's Ski Barn is a family owned online ski outlet, which carried a number of low priced ski equipment. I was really surprised at the bargains on some of the branded names on the site as I know that ski equipment are not really cheap. One of the bargains is the latest 2007 Salomon 1080 Gun Skis. This replaces the old Pocket Rocket which was specially created by Salomon for their Freeride Team. Last year's Gun S Lab is now the new 1080 Gun. They were redesigned and they are not only wider but are more versatile as well.

The online stores sells other skiing equipment including boots. One of the hottest items is the 2007 Salomon Foil Park Ski Boots. With soft mono-material shell and cuff and a shock-absorbing custom sole, it is designed for freestyle tricks and jumps in the park and on-piste. I won't be in the Olympics though, that's for sure.

The site also has some ski themed e-cards/postcards.

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